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International Mobility Grants 

Students receiving a scholarship may apply, one time only for each degree course, for a scholarship supplement for participation in international mobility programmes, equal to the difference between the € 600.00 amount and the monthly contribution assigned by the University, so that the total contribution between the University and ADiSURC is equal to € 600.00 on a monthly basis. This sum is paid according to the actual number of days abroad, up to a maximum of 10 months, certified by the university running the mobility program, regardless of the country of destination and provided that the period abroad entails recognition of credits. For more information, see the call for applications.

Graduation Award

Scolarship amount is increased by 50% if the assignee obtains the degree and master's degree within the duration provided for by the respective educational systems (the 'graduation award’). This increase will only apply if there are sufficient additional financial resources with respect to the number of scholarships awarded.